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Welcome to Saint Paul AME Church, the church with P.O.W.E.R. I am so glad you dropped by to visit us via the world wide web. I, and the entire Saint Paul Church Family would like to extend a personal invitation to visit us in person at 706 East Patton Avenue.  While we are glad you visited us on the web, we want you to experience God's anointing in His Holy Place at St. Paul.  There is no place like Saint Paul. Come on over and we will show you exactly what we mean!  I pray God’s peace upon you!


Pastor Lover




The African Methodist Episcopal Church was born of racial discrimination following the American Revolution, when African-Americans struggled to establish their own houses of worship. Today the African Methodist Episcopal Church has congregations on four continents. The church was organized in America by people of African descent, its beliefs are Methodist, and its form of government is episcopal (governed by bishops). In 1794, Bethel AME was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as an independent black church, to escape the rascism prevalent in New England at the time.  Richard Allen, the pastor, later called a convention in Philadelphia of other persecuted blacks throughout the region. The AME Church, a Wesleyan denomination, was formed in 1816 as a result.

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